General presentation of the EVOLUTION minisite

This minisite model is a reference for demonstration purpose of  what kind of website we can realise as a summary display of  your products and services on the Internet.

We will adapt this model according to your specific needs and the particularities of each individual business.

All you have to do is provide us with your logo, your texts, an image for the header (if possible) and thematic images to feature on the front page. It is important to note that this minisite will evolve over time in order to make your initial investment profitable.


Price = $1380,00 (taxes included)




The work includes the following features:

  • User-friendly Content Management System (CMS) to help you easily manage your site's content.
  • Responsive interface, which adjusts to all screen widths (computer, laptop, tablet, phone).
  • Multilingual structure with language selection button (if necessary).
  • Personalized graphic interface (design) according to the colors of your logo.
  • Customized images (logo, header image, thematic images).
  • Navigation bar (menu).
  • Slogan (if necessary).
  • Icons with links to your social media pages.
  • Texts that present your products and services.
  • Text content for a first blog post with a basic layout.
  • Sidebar (right column) to display blog articles and related information (if necessary).
  • Search engine optimization plugin integrated to the site.
  • Footer with website name and copyrights..


Important note: The site will be realized as showcased.  If your needs require a more complex structure set up and a more elaborate content, a time sheet can be created and any extras will be submitted for your approval.

This will allow you to make adjustments to your site according to your specific needs and your available budget.

In addition, this package does not include registration of your domain name and hosting of the site.

The features, tag price and list of what you need to provide us can change without notice.

List of what you need to provide

Here are the items needed for realizing your minisite. All are required unless otherwise stated.

  • A company logo or image.
  • A slogan (if possible).
  • An image for the header : 1320 pixels wide with a height of about 500 pixels.
  • Thematic images to feature your products and services (3 or 4 items, for example: Products, Services, About). Ideally, these images should be 600 pixels wide with similar proportions.
  • E-mail address to integrate into the contact form.
  • Web links to social media pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, etc.), if any.
  • Texts presentations.
    • Presentation of each item.
    • Complete contact details.
    • Introduction to the Blog (if you want to publish blog articles).
  • A first blog post that will serve as an example for future publications (if possible).
  • All translations, if your site is multilingual.


It is important to mention that you must provide a domain name and a hosting for your minisite. We will need the access codes to the server for the installation of the minisite.


Do not hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or when you are ready to set up your new minisite. Be proactive in your business, be visible on the Web!

Janice Dugas
514 436.0121

Jean Liboiron
450 694.1403